From: S t e v e A i k e n s []
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 7:28 AM
To: 'Mike Powell'
Subject: RE: triumph tiger cub club
I find it interesting that you chose to take offense to the fact that I saw no value to belonging to your club, berated me, and considered my reply - to use your words "pedantic (''allowing'' things to be posted etc. What happended to free speech?) and condescending, so I shall not trouble you further." and yet you still email me with this request.
Regardless of your opinion, my goal has always been nothing more than to provide a place on the internet - free of language and references to objectionable material that I wouldn't want my Grandmother to be subjected to - where those with a passion for these little machines can communicate with each other for simple camaraderie, to meet, enjoy and/or help each other keep the Triumph Tiger Cub alive. Not being in England where your club is hosted, I have no knowledge of or any personal contact with, any of your members so I can only presume the same of you.
However, despite your demeanor and regardless of your opinion of how I control some areas of my site ["allowing" thing to be posted etc.], I'll most certainly honor your request and help you promote your club.
As requested.
Steve Aikens

From: Mike Powell []
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 1:11 AM
To: S t e v e A i k e n s
Subject: triumph tiger cub club

Hi Steve, would you please add a link or some tiger cub club info to your site? Although we do have a small subscription for life membership the club is a not-for-profit organisation. I  am sure we could both benefit from some association, regs Mike Powell

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