Forum Subscribe Now Closed.

I have closed the open subscription policy to the Cub Site Forum permanently.

Effective July 25, 2008 I will no longer allow subscriptions with Hotmail,, Gmail,, yahoo or other anonymous "FREEMAIL" or other generic addresses. You can change your profile to those addresses after you're subscribed, but for subscription purposes, you will be required to use your provider email/ip address.

You must subscribe using the email address given to you by the internet connection host provider - the one that provides you with INTERNET SERVICE.


Web Bots have now advanced enough to auto-subscribe/sign-up to forums that allow WWW home page links and are signing up to forums like this one and posting their web sites as a form of advertising for all types of products and services.

The Cub Forum is not a repository for [Censored] sites and I will not tolerate them here.

If you would like to subscribe to the Cub Forum, you must send a - plain text - blank email to with ONLY the words Subscribe-Cubs in the subject.


You will receive the reply shown below.


---Please reply to this message, including everything below this line.---

Please reply with your name, the username you wish to use on the forum and your location - your username MAY NOT CONTAIN BLANK SPACES. Any of these requirements not provided and you will not be added to the Cub forum, you will not be notified you weren't and any future emails will be deleted.


Name - what's your name
Username - no blank spaces
Location - where do you live


Once your reply is received I will register your username and you will receive a password from the system. Log on and change the password.

Be sure to check your spam filter if you don't see a reply from the system within 24 hours from the time you reply to this message.


Once your reply is received I will register you on the Cub Forum. At that point, the system will send you an email with a log on password. You can then log on to the Cub Forum, go to your profile page and change your password and other settings.

You will have 24 hours pending your first login and for you to set your new password or you will be locked out of the system. If that happens - you will not be allowed to register for 30 days.

That means if you send a request to join the forum and then won't be available for a couple days - you waste your time and mine.....

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